Field Trial Labrador Retrievers at Ravensbank: Flo, Bob, Bibi, Holly and Nessie

Ravensbank is a kennel with focus on the working Labrador Retriever. Our dogs are bred on Irish and British Field Trialing lines.

Many people think that a field trial Labrador is bred to be particularly small, skinny and with snipey noses. While that can be true for some, most modern breeders of the FT Labrador Retriever aims to develop their lines to be both good looking yet sound and stylish workers.

The FT Labrador is the result of more than 150 years of breeding in Britain and Ireland. Through generations these dogs have been developed to serve the gun after the shot, and breeding has been based on sires and dams who have carefully been selected for their working qualities and above all their "will-to-please".

Our dogs are trained retrievers, used for picking-up and as sporting dogs in tests (cold game) and trials (warm game). I often use the dogs for picking up on organised shoots during the shooting season in Denmark (from September to January).

In my work as a breeder, i prioritise that both sire and dam are healthy, strongly built and above all have excellent temper. I will want to be assured that they are well balanced dogs and they are known for their trainability.

I do study pedigrees, but in my eyes a lot of "red ink" (e.g. champion merits) in the pedigree of parents does not necessarily guarantee that their puppies will be good workers.

In 2004 I imported Tidemark Ivy (Ivy) from Angela and Andy Markham, Kennel Tidemark in England. Ivy is the foundation of my breeding line.

Please read more about the individual dogs below. Click on the name to see the pedigree of the individual dog, or click on the picture to see a small slideshow of selected pictures of that dog.
Flo is from Ivy's second litter in May 2008, and she is 11 years and 10 months old. She is a fine smaller bitch and posesses all the good qualities we like to see in our breeding. She is very calm and easy to work with, and at the same time she is a very fast and competent retriever, which makes her a treasured companion as we are picking up over the shooting season.

Flo came back to our kennel in 2010 as two years old, and she is now handled by Annelise. During 2011 Flo and Annelse, have both had their debut in the working-system. This has lead to some good results, among which is the best dog on the day merit in both the aptitude test and in novice class at unofficial tests. At official cold game tests Flo has been merited with two 2nd prizes in her debut season, and she has successfully completed Official Working Tests and has become 3rd Winner in Novice Working Test.

In August 2012 Flo had her first litter of puppies. From this litter we kept Ravensbank Bob (Bob). Flo had her second litter in September 2013, and in April 2015 she had her third litter. All of these were sired by Levenghyl Como (Drago). In November 2015 she had her last litter. This time it was sired by Glenanne Nero (Eico).
Bob from Flo's first litter with Levenghyl Como (Drago) as Sire, and he is 7 years and 7 months old.. Bob is a true worker. Bold on the outside but calm in his heart, and very easy to train. At the age of eight months, Bob passed the Danish Retriever Club, Aptitude test. Within four weeks of the Spring of 2014 Bob was awarded two first prizes at Official cold game test in novice class, qualifying him for Intermediate class, and at his debut in intermediate class, Bob took an impressive win as 1WT with 116 points out of 120 possible. During the 2014 season Bob participated in six official working tests, and was winner placed on all of them, and he continued his working success into 2015 where he, after having competed at 11 working tests, official and unofficial,was winner placed on them all.

Before Bob reached the age of two years, he had added two 1st prizes in intermediate class on official cold game tests, which qualified him for the novice field trials, and open class on cold game. At the age of 2 years and three months, Bob had 1st prize in his novice field trial, and was then qualified for open class on both cold and warm game.

Bob is a brilliant working dog, and an excellent gamefinder, who works with style and speed. He is a joy to work on shooting or picking up days. He sits still, and wait for his turn, and at the same time he can work really smart and on his own.

He is a strong dog, with lovely black eyes. He has Hipscore A, and Elbows status 0. He is genetically tested clear of PRA, EIC, HNPK and CNM, and he carries a clear eye certificate. He is carrier of SD2.
Bibi was born in March 2014, which makes her 6 years old today. Her mother is Ravensbank Wagtail (Waggie) and she is sired by Levenghyl Como (Drago).

Bibi has a very feminine eksterior and she moves well and has loads of will-to-please. She has matured more slowly than most of our puppies has done in the pase, but she has had her debut on official cold game tests in 2015, and has been awarded two 1st prizes on her two tests. One of the tests was the Young Dogs' Championship where she not only had a 1st prize but also completed the competition as one of few dogs.

In 2015 Bibi was introduced to warm game, and today she is a full member of our picking-up team of working gundogs alongside Ravensbank Bob (Bob) and her daughter Ravensbank Holly (Holly).

Bibi's mum, Waggie, has passed on all the best of her temper. Bibi is everyones darling, and she is always wagging her tail and is in excellent contact. At the same time she is a competent retriever, with a really good nose and is a brilliant gamefinder.
Holly is 3 years and 8 months old. She is bred by ourselves, with Ravensbank Biscuit (Bibi) as mother and she has DKFTCH DKTM DKBRCH DKJCH Studebaker Bonneville (Mike) as her dad. She is a very charming and calm worker, and she has inherited all the fine qualities we want to see in a breeding bitch.

She is a "pleaser" who loves to work with us. Her health is excellent: She has A-hipscore and 0 in the elbows (FCI-registered scores). She is genetically clear by parentage from PRA, CNM, SD2 and EIC. In 2018 she has had her Working Test debut, where she consistently delivered fine results. She also had a debut on our picking-up team in 2018, and she has proven to be a calm and reliable worker and an excellent game finder.
Squareclose Wendy (Nessie) is bred by Mr. I. W. Christie, and was imported by us from Scotland in June 2018. She is 2 years old, and she is a lovely character in our pack and shows great aptitude in her training. She has passed the Danish Retriever Club Aptitude test, and has been awarded WT4 in Official Working Test, and she carries a 1st prize in official cold game test. Nessie has hips A, Elbows 0, Clear eye certificate from 04-2019, and she is tested clear on CNM, EIC, PRAprcd, HNPK and SD2.