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20-04-2024: On Friday 19 April Squareclose Wendy (Nessie) had eight puppies:

18:00 yellow bitch, 400 gr . (Ravensbank Carrie) yellow ribbon
18:18 black bitch, 465 gr . (Ravensbank Darling Fifi) black ribbon
18:27 yellow bitch, 370 gr . (Ravensbank Scarlett) red ribbon
19:28 black bitch, 380 gr . (Ravensbank Lydia) white ribbon
19:30 black dog, 400 gr . (Ravensbank Charlie) orange ribbon
20:45 black dog, 435 gr . (Ravensbank Angus) blue ribbon
21:20 black bitch, 420 gr . (Ravensbank Serena) green ribbon
22:25 black bitch, 390 gr . (Ravensbank Naughty Nicky) pink ribbon

All the puppies are doing fine, and Nessie is great and being such a good mum!

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30-03-2024: Yesterday Ms. Due went to Official Nosework1 with Ravensbank Swoon (Sally). And again they did well and received 100 points and a third place in container search, and a combined winner place as no. 10 out of 40 participating dogs. Very well done - Great result - Warm Congrats!

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30-03-2024: The test season has slowly started in Denmark, and yesterday Ms. Christensen was taking her lovely Ravensbank Bruce (Bruce) to Official Working Test in Beginner Class. I enjoyed watching Bruce all day, and he shows so much calmness and authority. Above all I am impressed with how he moves and posesses the terrain. He brought home a third winner, which was well deserved.

Warm congratulations to Ms. Christensen with this result.

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26-03-2024: Squareclose Wendy (Nessie) was mated with Leadway Karl on 19 February 2024. The ultra sound scan shows, that there will be a small litter of maybe as few as four puppies, hence we do not add more potential buyers to our reservation list.

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09-03-2024: After a number of fine unofficial results, Ms. Due and her young dog Ravensbank Swoon (Sally) had a brilliant debut on official nosework test. Ms. Due wrote to us:

"Sally and I have participated in our first official Nosework 1 competetion today.
Our goal is a gold title, which requires 5 times 100 point and a maximum og tree mistakes in each of the five tests.
Today we had the first 100 points with no mistakes, and got a 3 place out of 36 competing dogs. GREAT DEBUT!!

Sally was 10 months old on the day.
Very warm congratulations with the excellent result, and we wish you a happy journey towards the gold!

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25-02-2024: Today, we received a lovely mail from Ms. Helle Kublitz, starting with:

"LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH Ravensbank Nippy (Billy) ran his lifes performance today, and - TA DAAAAAA – was merited "Danish Obedience Champion" and the title DKLPCH. The judge had the following comments: ”Excellent co-operation between dog and handler. Handler that supports her dog well. A pleasure to watch". He was awarded 289.5 points – that is a lot!"

Helle previsouly trained LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH NW1 Ravensbank Tarzan (Buddy) towards becoming Danish Obedience Champion, so this is her dog no. two from Ravensbank which she turns into Champion.

Very warm to Ms. Kublitz for this stunning result with her Ravensbank offspring.