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28-09-2020: Today we said goodbye to Ravensbank Flo (Flo) after a long and good life of almost twelve and a half years.

Flo was from Ravensbank’s second litter. She came back to us at the age of two years due to personal matters of the owner, who had taken excellent care of her during those two important young years, and Flo was a beloved member of their family. Back with us, Flo became attached to me, and from the first instant she was Mum’s Best Friend.

Flo was a natural talent and could have achieved even more, had it not been for my limited experience as a handler. She did quite well and got nice results in field trials, she was an excellent game finder and went out with us picking up on estate shoots. And, not least, she had four fine litters with a total of 28 puppies, one of the puppies being our own Ravensbank Bob.

Some of my fondest memories of Flo include, for instance, her fearlessness as a puppy: She was the first to jump in the lake at the deep end, and she played with her older brother, Ravensbank Robin, caught on video here. And she was the living proof that old dogs really can learn new tricks: “On Track” was a game of our own device where she jumped along a line of large boulders – until just a week ago. Flo was my little sailor, and we have rowed many rounds on the lake, enjoyed the quiet and the nature and looked at many sunsets.

We had a very special bond, Flo and I. Long live her memory.