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03-05-2021: Ms. Charlotte Rasmussen has taken 2UM2019 Squareclose West (Bosse) to three tests within the recent weeks. The firs was a Mock Trial in open class. Bosse became 1st Winner with impressive 98 out of 100 points. The second was on 17-04-2021, where Bossse became 1st Winner at official cold game test in open class. As the only winner placed dog Bosse was awarded a CACT. The last was on 02-05-2021 where he was winner placed as the number three.

Bosse has just turned three weeks of age, and in spite of the limited number of cold game tests held under the corona pandemic, he has already been awarded 2 x 1st winner with CACT and 1 x 2nd winner and 1 x 3rd winner the latter both rated "champion quality" by the judge.

Very warm congratulations to Ms.Rasmussen - the competent handler of this excellent young dog, and the Sire to our current litter.