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27-06-2024: For those who do not know Ms. Philippa Williams it goes to tell, that she is the European key figure to admire when it comes to positive gundog training. Not only is she extremely well educated and carries long experience as top handler herself, but moreover is it a feast and very enlightning to watch her give a practical guidance to the positive training of our dogs. Ms. Sanne Amnitzbøll at Sannes Hundecenter, had invited Philippa to throw a four day seminar, and Søren participated on theory-day (day one) and puppy training (day two) - at which we were fortunate enough to participate with nine weeks old, Ravensbank Carrie (Carrie).
It should be said, that Carries participation was cleared with Philippa who said, that her young age only meant that we only had ruined her for a week. The puppies are born learners.

So what did Carrie get out of it..... Hmmmmm - obviously not as much as any older puppy would have, but at least one thing clearly came with her home. A gigantic socialization event. Seventyfive people clapping, laughing and cheering. A highly invovled Philippa communicating lively over the outdoor monitors, and not the least other handlers, puppies and dogs who were everywhere. Carrie responded to all the turmoil with utter calmness, and we are very proud that she could stay in the training for as long as she actually did. Thank you very much to Philippa for this excellent seminar which gave loads of ideas that should find their way into our training. And thanks to Sanne for taking the risk and setting it all up.