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10-09-2018: Saturday was our first picking up day at Erholm Castle, and we were there in a strong Ravensbank lineup. Mr. Rene Kristensen was there with both Ravensbank Jock (Jock) and Ravensbank Conor (Conor). Mr. Niclas Helskov joined us with Ravensbank Ice (Maggie). We missed Ms. Anne Iversen with Ravensbank Donna (Bibs) who was in heat, but I brought both Ravensbank Bob (Bob), Ravensbank Biscuit (Bibi) and Ravensbank Holly (Holly) who was having her debut on warm game! Just like last year, we had Ms. Sanne Amnitzbøll to complete the team with lovely Team Timberline Indian Summer (Howdy).

The first shoot simply was two duck drives but it was great to get started and I was excited to test Holly as a part of my team. It went really well. My mates covered the busiest parts of the shoot, and I found a place where Holly could copy the calmness of my other dogs, and having marked a duck falling in the heavy cover just 30 meters away, I had a perfect chance to see her work and deliver the bird to hand without any drama what soever.

It was a super start for us all. Lovely weather, great nature, fine shooting and demanding retrieves which the dogs dealt with. What an outlook for the coming season.