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12-08-2019: Yesterday, I participated in the 2019 Cold Game Rally for young dogs under the age of two years. The first part is a regular cold game test in which Nessie on the 20 point scale scored 20, 16 and 14. In the competition part we had two single marks separated by a stretch where we should just walk to heel. Nessie was spot on with the first mark. And her heelwork was brilliant. The second mark was too much for my young dog. Quite long and very difficult terrain. She was close, but never had any wind, and that was the end of her competition.

Nessie's litter brother, 2UM2019 Squareclose West (Bosse), handled by Ms. Charlotte Rasmussen also participated in the test (which in Denmark is known as the "Young Dog's Championship"). With almost 100 participating dogs, Bosse came in second and was awarded the official title 2UM2019.

I regret to say, that I do not have rights to any pictures from Charlottes podium, but they can be seen here.