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11-01-2020: Ravensbank Holly (Holly) this morning had six large puppies - three bitches and three dogs. All bitches are yellow. One dog is black.

05:44 black dog, 520 gr. (Ravensbank Ainsley)
06:06 yellow dog, 476 gr. (Ravensbank Gordon)
07:04 yellow bitch, 514 gr. (Ravensbank Jennifer)
07:13 yellow bitch, 462 gr. (Ravensbank Clarissa)
08:22 yellow bitch, 440 gr. (Ravensbank Delia)
09:30 yellow dog, 556 gr. (Ravensbank Jamie)

Holly is a champion in the whelping box. She is calm and well balanced diligently taking care of her pups. She is eating normally and there is absolutely no fuzz about her. The puppies all appear sound and healthy, and although they are born really quite big, they are already growing in weight.

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