Puppies after: Glenanne Nero / Ravensbank Biscuit

This litter of Field Trial Labrador puppies is bred by us, and the puppies will carry the FCI-registered Ravensbank affix. The litter here may, pending only on local restrictions, be exported with the intent to register in national Kennel Clubs. If you wish to hear more about this litter of puppies please feel welcome to contact us via the contact page or by phone.

Mating:  2019-01-18
Whelping:  2019-03-19
New home on:  2019-05-14

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Eico has been imported from Ireland as a puppy. He is 5 years and 6 months old.

He is a good looking black dog with lovely temper. He is a charming dog who moves well and who is a smart worker. He has already delivered fine results as a top picking up dog, and has novice Field Trial and 1st prize in intermediate class on cold game. He has a 1st winner in open class on official Working Test.

This is Eico's third mating in our kennel, the first being a lovely litter of pups born in November 2015 with Ravensbank Flo (Flo) as the dam. And in 2018 he had a previous litter with Bibi. We have chosen him on the basis of his strong working lines, and because we think that he is an excellent match with Bibi . We have only positive experience with puppies from this combination.
Bibi was born in March 2014, which makes her 5 years and 2 months old today. Her mother is Ravensbank Wagtail (Waggie) and she is sired by Levenghyl Como (Drago).

Bibi has a very feminine eksterior and she moves well and has loads of will-to-please. She has matured more slowly than most of our puppies has done in the pase, but she has had her debut on official cold game tests in 2015, and has been awarded two 1st prizes on her two tests. One of the tests was the Young Dogs' Championship where she not only had a 1st prize but also completed the competition as one of few dogs.

In 2015 Bibi was introduced to warm game, and soon became a full, although inexperienced member of our picking-up team of working gundogs. Since 2016 she has been a full member of our gundog team alongside with Ravensbank Bob (Bob).

Bibi's mum, Waggie, has passed on all the best of her temper. Bibi is everyones darling, and she is always wagging her tail and is in excellent contact. At the same time she is a competent retriever, with a really good nose and is a brilliant gamefinder.

In June 2016 Bibi had her first litter of puppies which was sired by DKFTCH DKTM DKBRCH DKJCH Studebaker Bonneville (Mike). From this litter we kept Ravensbank Holly (Holly). In May 2017 she had her second litter, also sired by Mike. In 2018 Bibi had her third litter, this time the Sire was Glenanne Nero (Eico). Bibi has proven to be the finest breeding bitch, who has been very easy to mate, efficient in delivering puppies on her own, diligently has she taken care of her puppies in the kindest way, but also she has been strong enough to see them go as time came for that.