Puppies after: Labdom Pochard / Ravensbank Holly

This litter of Field Trial Labrador puppies is bred by us, and the puppies will carry the FCI-registered Ravensbank affix. The litter here may, pending only on local restrictions, be exported with the intent to register in national Kennel Clubs. If you wish to hear more about this litter of puppies please feel welcome to contact us via the contact page or by phone.

Mating:  2018-11-25
Whelping:  2019-01-27 (approx.)
New home on:  2019-03-24 (approx.)

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Poacher today is 6 years and 8 months old, and he is a great match for Holly in all aspects. Physically and mentally he is a strong dog. He has impeccable health status, and above all he is a very competent worker in the field with excellent trialing merits. In our book it is an important bonus that the mating between Poacher and Holly was completely free of any drama whatsoever.
Holly is 2 years and 7 months old. She is bred by ourselves, with Ravensbank Biscuit (Bibi) as mother and she has DKFTCH DKTM DKBRCH DKJCH Studebaker Bonneville (Mike) as her dad. She is a very charming and calm worker, and she has inherited all the fine qualities we want to see in a breeding bitch. She is a "pleaser" who loves to work with us. Her health is excellent: She has A-hipscore and 0 in the elbows (FCI-registered scores). She is genetically clear by parentage from PRA, CNM, EIC and SD2. In 2018 she has had her Working Test debut, where she has done very well.